Interesting Lessons From The Week


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I’ve spent all of this week on planes, trains and automobiles… (currently writing this blog on a train).

I’ve had a blend of speaking events, workshops and 1 to 1 coaching and it’s been very intense but very enjoyable.  Here’s some of the top topics clients have learned during the week:

1. If you’re not managing interruptions during your day, you’re inviting them.

2. If you can add 1 hour into your day focusing on the important stuff, you’ll add an extra 30 days of worthwhile work to your year.

3.If you don’t have a strategy to manage your mindset/mood, you’ll never have sustained high performance in business, sport or life.

4. Most people look after their phone’s charge more than their own charge… (fitness, mind, spirit)

5. If you get more work done out of the office, then why are you in the office?

6. When I work better, everything around me works better.

7. Business is a marathon.  So why am I treating it like a sprint?

8. When I think bigger, amazing stuff can happen…

Have a great June weekend.