Walt Disney


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With the release of the new movie Snow White & The Huntsman, there are plenty
of reviews going around. One of the more interesting gives some focus on the original animation
movie created by Walt Disney & his team.

What I never knew was how important that movie was to the creation of the
Disney empire. It laid the foundation for everything that was to come.

Yet despite that it very nearly didn’t happen.

Disney’s quest for perfection meant that they had gone way over budget as they
broke new ground with the animation technology of the day.

It got so bad that both his wife & his brother tried to convince him to ditch the
project in order to save his fledgling studio company.

But he ignored them & went to his bank for support. He showed them some of the
scenes from the movie and explained why this project was so different.

They backed him and Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
went on to become the biggest movie of 1938.

But more than that, it provided the cash for his bigger plans.

Sometimes you just have to stick with your vision. And isn’t it lucky for the world
that he did.