To CC me OR not to CC me…


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“To CC me or not to CC me, that is the question.
The answer is to NOT cc me.”
 – Shane Cradock

How much time do you spend daily reading emails?

The bigger the team, the more time is wasted reading
completely irrelevant emails…

It’s hard enough trying to stay on top of your emails
without having to decide which ones are worth reading!

This is the curse of the CC!

And let’s be honest….the people who do the most CC’ing
are either:

– covering their a**
– not really thinking deeply enough
– doing it out of habit
– trying to prove that they’re working hard… (I said trying…)

Here is one very clever way of dealing with this:
(this was sent in by a client and it’s real….and brilliant!)

Subject: CC Box Auto Response

Hello  Your email sent to me with my name in the Cc field has automatically been moved to an archive folder for reference only. If your email requires my action or attention please resend, with me in the TO field.

This is one to share with the people who email you..