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Some Relaxation And Questions To Get Better

“Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

With everything going on, it feels strange to say I took a few days off… but I did.

It was a bank holiday in Ireland, so I bolted on some extra time and enjoyed the incredible sunshine. And it was a complete switch off – so much so, I even gave myself permission not to send an email on Monday! 🙂

But not to let me completely off the hook this week, here’s something a little different.

Access to an interview I did recently with Paul McClatchie, the CEO of a fast growing recruitment company, Engage People.

Over 30 minutes Paul asked me some interesting questions including:

  • How to improve your state of mind during this crisis
  • What changes I foresee as the work-force comes out of lockdown
  • How to get important but procrastinated on projects done
  • Changes in leadership development because of the pandemic
  • And how to write a play or a book when you have no time! 🙂

You can watch or listen to the interview here.

It might make a difference to your week.



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