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How To Get Beyond Limitations…

“Argue for your limitations,

and sure enough they’re yours.”

– Richard Bach

Hi Victoria,

“There’s a few reasons why I don’t see it happening”

These were the words spoken by a smart woman I was working with a few years ago, in response to me asking if she thought she could ever be a CEO.

She was very convincing in her argument as to why she couldn’t get to the top spot.

But it turned out that despite her comments she actually had a huge desire to get to the role.

So it was clear that she was holding herself back, mentally more than anything else. At the time one of the things I suggested was that she play the ‘Beyond Limitations’ game for a month.

This involved involved pretending that she had exactly what it took to be CEO, and with that mindset decide to do what what she wasn’t already doing.

She did and shocked herself at the way her thinking changed and opened up in a short space of time – she hasn’t become CEO yet, but is well on her way and more importantly, she now ‘sees’ it happening.

You may not be in the same position as my client but you most likely have some limitations lurking around your mind. The reality is that everyone does – even the best of the best…

They could be things like:

– A fear of public speaking

– Unfulfilled goals like writing a book or selling a business

– Starting a business

– Progressing in your career or changing career completely

– Improving your core relationships

– Losing weight or getting fit and healthy

– Fear of stepping up in your leadership

Or perhaps more relevant to the time we’re in now:

– Exceeding your sales target

– Learning how to use technology better to grow your business

– Changing or smashing your business model to to adapt to the times we’re in

– Leading your organisation in a new way even when you don’t have the answers…

I have seen too many people create what was once impossible in their minds, to know that anything literally is possible if we’re willing to stop arguing for our limitations.

If we can drop them, just for a while, and take purposeful action and experiment, we will at the very least make progress – after that who knows?

What’s one area you’d like to make better progress in this week or month?

Write down the limitations you’re arguing for…

And maybe this week, you can play ‘The Beyond Limitations’ game? 🙂

For yourself, and the people around you.



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