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May The 4th Be With You…

“Fear is the path to the dark side.

Fear leads to anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to suffering.”

– A little green powerhouse, called Yoda

Monday was May the 4th, and has been taken over by Star Wars as it’s official day globally, in a playful riff on the phrase ‘May the force be with you’.

In our home it’s an important date for different reasons, as it’s my daughter Jane’s birthday – and she became a teenager.

Because of the unusual situation we’re in globally, we did our best to try and make her day special. Part of it included allowing her to decide the menus for the 3 mains meals of the day – an interesting experience in itself!

But the end of her day, was devoted to Star Wars and a family viewing of the latest movie the rise of SkyWalker, which was released to tv on Monday.

It reminded me of why the movie franchise is so popular.

At its core, Star Wars is about hope. And the fight between the force (good) and the dark side.

The creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, was a big fan of Bill Campbell who spent his lifetime researching tribal mythology and this is perhaps why it has so many global fans – the themes at it’s core relate to the human experience and the hero’s journey.

And Yoda’s quote above about fear is one to remind ourselves during the time we find ourselves in.

At our core, there is a creative force that is intelligent and highly adaptable. It’s the part of us that leans into possibilities. And it’s the part that can challenge and overcome fear, regardless of circumstances.

Where can you have the courage this week, to ignore or overcome your fear?

And even though today is now the 6th, may the fourth be with you… 🙂



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