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Getting Better From The Crisis…

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

– Paul Romer, Stanford Economist

With every day that passes, industry associations are coming out with recovery plan proposals to influence policy makers and help re-activate economies more quickly around the world.

It’s the right thing to do as no-one person in any government will have the answers and it’s critical that we can collaborate to create the best plans.

But it made me think about us as leaders and people interested in creating better lives, organisations and communities.

What is your plan for yourself and your team/family over the coming weeks/months?

You might be reading this thinking “I’m just trying to survive Shane.”

Or you could be saying to yourself “I’m fine, I’ll wait for it to pass and re-emerge.”

Or you could be feeling like “I’m too busy to stop and think about a plan.”

Or indeed you could be someone who is loving right now – and the fact that it’s forcing everyone to slow down and perhaps live in a way that’s easier.

Regardless of which mindset or situation you find yourself in, what if you committed to emerging from this crisis at least +10% better than when you went into it?

Last week, I ran a webinar for an organisation titled ‘Ambitious Resilience’.

In it I put out the above challenge.

I called it ‘The +10% Challenge’.

What would that look like for you?

As a suggestion your could for starters look at the 4 key areas of fitness: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

And what if you got the people around you involved? At least, we’d emerge the other side of this better, stronger and more resilient. And that in itself would have profound benefits to you, your team/family and the world.

This challenge won’t resonate for everyone, but if it does for you what will do you about it this week?



ps – Below is powerful content I’ve shared with you recently to help you get better right now.

Useful Stuff To Get Better:

ive Meditation Tomorrow (Tuesday 29th April): Join me on instagram live ( where I’ll be doing a meditation for leaders/achievers. Here is an explanation and taster meditation to get a sense of what it’s about. When you see top performing business leaders and top sports people exploring meditation to get the edge, it’s time to take notice and at least give it a try…

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