Chaos & Tranquility – A weekend of opposites…


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“In the midst of movement and chaos,
keep stillness inside of you.”
Deepak Chopra

My weekend was an exercise in complete opposites…

Saturday was spent with a dozen ‘high-energy’ kids (4 to 6 year olds) as
we celebrated the birthdays of our kids Jane (6) and Sam (4).

Monsters, jumping, chasing… and that was just for starters!
Fun…but let me just say that my work is much easier than looking
after kids…:) – I’m just not made that way!

Sunday was spent at a 1 day mindfulness retreat.  Being in the now
was a real pleasure after a day of total chaos!

I guess it’s a challenge we all have in the Western World.
Learning to keep that stillness inside us while we
go about our lives is very possible but we have to work
at it.

What’s the 1 thing you could do this week to cultivate that
inner stillness?  Can you commit to really doing it?

Food for thought…