When Things Get Emotional

“It’s been emotional.” - Big Chris (played by Vinnie Jones) in the Movie ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’


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 “It’s been emotional.”

– Big Chris (played by Vinnie Jones) in the Movie
‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’

I was chatting to a friend last week, who has been going
through an emotionally challenging period about the
power our emotions have on everything we do.

It came up because my friend found that he was reacting to things
he never normally would.  Some circumstances and people were playing
on his mind in a way that they usually wouldn’t.

But as we chatted, he realised it was because he’d allowed his
mood and state of mind to drop.

But when he saw it, he realised he needed to ‘manage himself better.’

The first action was to take a few hours off work and go for a hike in the beautiful
hills of Glendalough, in Wicklow Ireland.

His energy shifted, his mind cleared and as a result his entire perspective and
focus changed for the better.

When he returned to work, circumstances were still the same but because his
energy had shifted, everything looked different.

Same circumstances, different mindset, different results.

In a busy world, that has more challenges than ever,
learning how to effectively manage ourselves is something that it becoming more
and more essential.

When our state of mind drops, it colours everything – usually more negatively than it
really is.  But most people’s reaction is to keep going without considering
that their mood could be slowing down the very results they’re trying to get.

So, what’s your mood like today?

And if it’s not where you’d like, what can you do about it today?
Usually, it’s something simple.

And usually you’re mood isn’t because of your circumstances but how
you’re reacting to your circumstances.

We can be great at caring for and looking after other people – but how good are we
at looking after ourselves?

Food for thought.

ps – The friend I was chatting to was me. 

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