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How To Get Through This

“Dear Life,

When I said “Can this day get any worse?”

It was a rhetorical question not a challenge!”

I think most people have experienced a version of that quote above.

I remember a big turning point in my life was when I realised the power of language. Not just in it’s impact on others but more so on my performance in any field.

I’m not referring just to the spoken word but to the power of the language of my thinking, because behind every action is a thought.

Your thinking determines your self-belief, your confidence, your ability to adapt, to succeed, to enjoy, to thrive.

I remember 20 years ago also seeing the significance of a question.

For example, right now a common question I’m hearing

is “How will I/we get through this?”

That language is from a victim mindset.

A more empowered, opportunity focused mindset will ask this question instead:

What can I/we get from this?

The first question brings you suffering, struggle and fatigue. Maybe even depression.

(I know because that’s what happened to me…)

The other brings you energy, hope, learning and progress – especially in the face of adversity.

(I know because that’s what happened to me… 🙂 )

Smart people are getting caught out with this mindset challenge right now. It’s worth stepping back every now and then and checking to see which question we’re actually focused on.

Where can you apply that this week?


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