Learning From The Oldest Fittest Man In The World


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“The purpose of life is to have a purpose in life.”
– Dr. Charles Eugster, World’s Fittest Pensioner.

Dr. Eugster turns 95 next month.

As well a being a 34 times World Master Rowing Championship Gold medallist,
he is a three time World Strenflex fitness champion.
At last year’s championship,
he performed a routine that featured:

    •    61 chin ups
    •    50 push ups
    •    48 abdominal crunches
    •    57 dips

Each completed in 45 seconds!!

Interestingly, when asked what he believed to be the secrets to longevity and
well-being he answered:

1. Work
2. Diet
3. Exercise

And in that order of priority.  

In his opinion, we should ‘get rid of retirement – you can always learn something at any age’, as he believes retirement is bad for your health.

Are you clear on your purpose in life?  It can be anything.

The only requirement is that it inspires you to a better version of yourself.
And it can change as you go.

Great food for thought.

ps – You can see Dr.Eugster in action in this video and read a little more about him.

 pps – Thanks to Adam Kelly for making me aware of the good Doctor.