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Success Analogy: Being Busy In The Gym Doesn’t Mean Results

Over the past year, I’ve used the facilities of a local gym/leisure centre close to me.  As you’d expect you start to notice people who train regularly at the same time as you.

There’s one guy who seems to be there all of the time.  He is pretty consistent and dedicated.  But what I find fascinating is that he has put on a lot of weight (fat) since he’s been going to the gym.

It’s not that he doesn’t work out well.  He does, putting in very intense weight lifting sessions.

Yet despite this, his belly seems to be expanding…

I can only come to the conclusion that despite his dedication he is falling short of one key area.  Nutrition.

I’m friends with a few top personal trainers and well-being experts.  All of them have told me that what you eat and drink is responsible for 70-80% of your results when it comes to your weight.

So like my gym friend, you can spend all of your time training but go in the opposite direction of the results you really want.

I think life and business is very much like that.  Just because you’re busy doing something, doesn’t mean you’re doing the thing that really matters.  Part of the trick is to figure out what really gets the results for you and make sure you ‘nail’ that.

Being busy in the gym means nothing if the other part of the equation is not being taken care of.

Same holds true for you in your work.

So, are you being busy and thinking that’s good enough?  Or are you watching what really gets results?


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