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TLJ Gives Me Some Feedback…

“It’s funny how everyone considers honesty a virtue,

but no-one wants to hear the truth.”

A couple of weeks ago, my wife TLJ*, stopped me in my tracks early one morning by saying this:

“Can I give you some feedback?”

As far as I’ve seen in my life so far, it’s rare that I’m going to ‘like’ what follows from that little opener. But I’m not sure I had a choice in the matter… 🙂

“Sure thing”, I replied.

“You kept me awake last night with your snoring”, she said.

“I was snoring?”, I replied.

Yes, for the second night in a row. And because of you, I’m exhausted.”

Now TLJ is a VERY patient woman but sleep deprivation will get the better of the best people, and she had to give me a reality check. Continuing the ‘discussion’, I discovered that it seemed I only snored when I was lying on my back.

Luckily for me and my marriage, that conversation seems to have been enough for my unconscious mind to self-correct my sleeping pattern and all seems to be ‘good in the hood’ since…

But TLJ wasn’t done that particular day…

“One other thing”, she added.

“Yes?” I said with a high pitch nervous voice…

“Your bed t-shirt does nothing for you – it needs to be put in the bin.”

Always good to know…

We are all works in progress, we all have blind spots, we all need to hear feedback. I may not always want to hear it, or indeed agree with it. But I respect hearing the truth… even when it comes to my night-wear.

Where can you seek out the truth this week? 🙂



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* TLJ = The Lovely Judy

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