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How To Play The Game Of Life Successfully

“So we see, to play successfully the game of life

we must train the imaging faculty.”

― Florence Schovel Shinn

“But what do I do with this?”

A client had called me unexpectedly because something had happened that literally blew their mind.

They had been focusing for a couple of years on a visualisation of a house they wanted to live in. He was so passionate about it that he created was is now known as a ‘vision board’ and would frequently look at it and daydream. (Key point…)

Many business people can see something like this as childish, but it might surprise you as to how many don’t…

For the fun of it, he had included a photo of a tree that he’d only ever seen once – and he said he’d like to have this tree in the future garden.

The vision board was quite detailed (he sent me a photo of it which I still have). and long story, short… through a series of synchronistic events, he was given the opportunity to buy a house unexpectedly.

The house was remarkably similar to the pictures on the vision board. Even I was surprised. And what do you think was bang in the centre of the garden?

That’s right…. the special tree.

Only seen once before, never seen anywhere else since.

This freaked my client out. But when everyone calmed down, it inspired him to up his game even more on what he was seeking to bring into the world.

Luckily for our planet, he is a man of strong, moral character because the same skill can be used in a damaging, egotistical way.

The above is one of many true stories that I have had the privilege to be witness to. And it keeps re-enforcing to me that we are really only scratching the surface when it comes to our potential.

In my experience, it’s not what’s on the vision board that counts. It’s what’s on your inner vision board that does – AND it’s important that it’s not held back by an inner virus.

The imaging potential of humans is what has created the world we have – the good and bad. But how much of it is conscious?

For the fun of it, what can you hold in your ‘inner vision board’ this week?

And for the long term, what’s your version of his tree…? 🙂



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