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What Are You Looking Through?

What we see depends on what we’re looking through”.
– Shane Cradock
(I couldn’t find a quote that matched my email today so I’m doing my own…:)  )

‘What are you looking through Shane?’

These were the words spoken by a mentor of mine
as she helped me to see a blind spot.

In my mind, I was thinking ‘Right now, I’m looking through ‘you’re annoying me’…’
but I dropped the thought as it wasn’t constructive! 🙂

What she subsequently helped me to see was
what we are looking through, colours the results we achieve.

– in our business
– in our relationships
– in our health
– in our families
– in our moods
– in our teams
– in our lives

One analogy she used was that if you look through a green filter
everything is green.  And if you look at the same scene through a red filter, everything is red.

But in reality what colour is it?  Most often neither…

Yet this is what we do in our businesses and our lives.

We put filters up that make us see a situation or a person a certain way.
– very often in the negative.

And then it doesn’t matter what happens because you’re controlling the filter.

What I realised was that I could change the filter because all it is is a thought.
And my work with people and myself to date has borne that out.

You can know the best business or life strategies in the world,
but they’re useless to you if your mental filter is off.

The good news is that you’re only 1 thought away from changing it.

Change your filter, change your mind, change your results.

Of course the next frontier is to have no filter at all….

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