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Wisdom From The World’s Leading Executive Coach

I spent most of last week in Los Angeles where I attended
a very interesting but small conference with top level coaches and consultants
from around the world.
An interesting experience being the only Irish person in the room
on St. Patrick’s day but that’s another story…

One of the people who spoke was Dr. Marshall Goldsmith,
who is regarded as the leading executive coach globally.

In 2015, he was recognised as #1 Leadership Thinker in the World
by the Harvard Business Review.

At 67, you’d think he’d be thinking about slowing down but
not at all – he’s busier than ever with his work.

What struck me about him the most was his generosity – very approachable,
and very willing to answer any kind of question you had – business or personal.

One of the many useful insights he shared was this:

‘Stop focusing on what you can’t change.
Get focused on what you can.’

He explained that so much energy is wasted by his clients (Top Fortune CEOs) on things they
can’t change, in particular people around them.

We can’t change anyone really.  They can only choose to change themselves.

Yet how many of us still focus on trying to change others?

Wasted energy, which typically leads to immense frustration.

The good news is that that useful creative energy can be channelled into
more productive activities and maybe most of all, just create better head space.

‘Stop focusing on what you can’t change.
Get focused on what you can.’

ps – Just in case you didn’t see it, I sent out an email earlier today with details
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