Who is Good For Nothing?


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“The person with good excuses is generally good for nothing else.”
– Samuel Foote

If you’re managing people day to day, I’m sure you’ll agree with the point above. A short, sweet but very insightful statement. You might even think about getting it printed on an A4 page and sticking it up on a wall in your office, so that your team can see it – just to make a point….

But here’s another angle, even if you’re someone who is a high perfomer, excuses can also creep into your game.  And even the smallest of excuses can rob you of quality – in your business and life.
This time of the year is the classic time for ‘dropping’ the changes you’d promised yourself you’d make.  Very often the excuse is hidden in blaming someone else. And there’s always an excuse to hand – and I’m sure it’s valid…
But is it really?

Food for thought,

Have a great week,


ps – The blueprint day that ran on the 7th Jan went very well and another day is now being run on Friday 4th February.  Full details attached in a letter here.

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