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Your Goal In Life

“When you point a finger at someone else,

always remember that there are three fingers

pointing back at you.”

Sometimes it seems as if avoiding blame, for many, is the goal of life.

It seems to naturally start in children, if the fights in our home are anything to go by….:) It certainly turns up everywhere in organisations:

  • Sales blame marketing for a lack of the right support…
  • Marketing blames R&D for designing features the customer doesn’t need…
  • R&D blame manufacturing for not solving issues in operations…
  • Manufacturing blame sales for poor forecasting…
  • I won’t even start on HR, Finance and IT…. 🙂

Round and round it goes… It’s evident everywhere.

The government gets blamed…

The weather gets blamed…

The economy gets blamed…

The ‘other side’ gets blamed…

I’m going to put up my own hand here and admit that I’ve often fallen into ‘The Blame Game’, just like my kids…:) The problem of course, is that it doesn’t improve anything and encourages a ‘Victim Mindset’.

The best leaders, parents and mentors I’ve ever known all shut blame down. They role model it in their behaviour not just their words. They encourage a way of self-responsibility, accountability and ownership.

They all live and role model living with this question at their centre:

  • What else can I do?

Someone with that mindset never points the finger outwards. They point it inwards and lean in to collaborate with the ‘other side’ or do something to create positive action. They don’t see a boundary to their influence or help.

The question I’m putting out this week is this:

What is your true goal in life?

Is it blame (which is usually unconscious) or is it the ‘what else’ question above?

And I’m going to be bold and say if you’re thinking “Well, that’s not me, I’m the ‘what else’ person” you have a blind spot – Everyone has areas where they can lean in more.

 What else can I do…

… in my organisation?

…. in my community?

… in my family?

… in my world?

Food for thought.

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