Wow! – Andy Murray – more about things away from the court.


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What a weekend of sport!

The irony is that with such a beautiful weekend in Ireland
you could have spent most of it indoors watching the tv…:)

Here’s some of the highlights:

-Andy Murray became the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon in 77 years.

-Dublin won their first hurling Leinster final in 52 years.

-The Lions won their first tour since 1997.

-Dan Martin became the first Irishman to win a stage in the Tour de France,
since Stephen Roche in 1992.

-Graeme McDowell won the French Open (golf) and Katie Taylor and her team-mates won 15 medals at the EU championships.

The first four above in particular were all about conquering the inner-game.

So the honour of this week’s quote is given to Andy Murray, who is a great example
of building self-belief and never giving up.

The context of the quote is an answer he gave asking what kind of work he did with a Sports Psychologist:

“It’s been more about things away from the court.
That was refreshing, because when I’d spoken to psychologists in the past,
I’d only spoken about tennis.
And there’s a lot more that goes into your life as an athlete
than just what goes on on the court.
I spoke about things away from the court that may affect you and stop you from being fully focused on tennis.”
– Andy Murray

I see this time and time again with clients.  It’s often something outside of
their career/work that is distracting them from being their best.

And it happens to the best.

If you’re not quite on your game, look outside the obvious.
And if there’s something taking from that clarity and focus,
take a step into the action to sort it.

Have a great week.