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How To Use Easter For Your Own Good

“Each morning we are born again.

What we do today is what matters most.”

– The Buddha

The feast of Easter wasn’t always a Christian symbol for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It was originally a pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth, honouring the pagan Saxon goddess Eastre.

Like many people I know, I don’t consider myself to be religious although I do consider myself to be spiritual.

And I definitely feel more connection with the pagan symbolism that the modern one.

I like to think of Easter as stepping over another line in the sand – moving from the old to the new. A great time to drop any unwelcome baggage that has been picked up in the first few months of the year.

It’s a reminder that we can all start again – in any area of our lives.

From that context it’s a very useful reset.

My kids think about Easter in a very different way to me for sure (it’s grams of chocolate related for starters…) But I think the pagans might have been on to something.

Where can you do a reset and drop some baggage?

Happy Easter.


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