One Life, Not Two


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“You can’t separate your personal and professional life. They’re one and the same. Your attitude and outlook in one will always influence the other.” – Unknown

“I don’t want to focus on my personal life.”

Someone said this to me in relation to one of my offerings, which is a 12 month forum for business owners/CEOs. It’s a bit like having a non-exec board of directors for your business AND your life. It’s very powerful.

I was explaining that my own philosophy is that we don’t have two lives (i.e. work and personal), ultimately we just have one life. If we’re off on the personal side, it shows up in our work and vice versa. People may argue that they compartmentalise but from experience, that just isn’t true.

Ultimately to get the best out of yourself, taking an holistic view of your life is essential. Your health, your finances, your core relationships, your work, your stress levels, your state of mind.

When we neglect one aspect, it inevitably affects the others. Just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, our overall well-being and performance are only as strong as the weakest area in our life.

The person above didn’t agree with my point of view – that’s fine but I believe they will lose out on big gains. I’ve seen it happen to myself and others too many time.

We have one life, not two.

This week, perhaps consider this:

Where might you be neglecting an important aspect that could be impacting your overall performance and/or happiness?

What steps can you take to integrate and align all areas of your life for greater success and fulfilment?



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