An Opportunity To Embrace Light, Hope, and Renewal


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“Hope is being able to see that there is light

despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu

Today, the 5th of February, is a relatively new national holiday in Ireland and it was chosen to coincide with the celebration of Lá Fhéile Bríde (Irish/gaelic), otherwise known as St. Brigid’s Day.

This day, the only holiday dedicated to a woman in our country, is a testament to the strength, grace, and resilience embodied by St. Brigid, a patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

In Irish tradition, the 1st of February also marks the arrival of spring and a season of growth. St. Brigid’s Day is intertwined with symbols of hope and the feminine, creating an invitation to embrace the transformative possibility of renewal.

Coinciding with this, the 2nd of February brings Candlemas, a Christian festival symbolising the return of light – a symbol of protection and a harbinger of prosperity.

Anyone seeing a pattern…? 🙂

Regardless of your beliefs or faith, this time of year can be used as an opportunity to shed inner baggage or patterns that don’t serve us and to embrace the light – a renewed sense of purpose, a fresh perspective on the journey ahead, and a commitment to embracing the light within and around us.

How can you embrace more of the light for the week ahead?

Where can you tweak your mindset?



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