Back To School Inspiration

“Is it just me or did Mum seem just a little too happy about the first day of school?”


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“Is it just me or did Mum seem just a little

too happy about the first day of school?”

In our home, it’s back to school time.

The space and freedom of the holidays is being replaced with checklists to buy new school books, lunch boxes, bags and pack the pencil cases.

It’s a reset for our kids, Jane and Sam, as they start into a new school year.

For many it’s a busy, intense time but perhaps there is some value and inspiration to be had in the change.

1. Review your habits: 

  • What are the habits that have served you well in the year so far?
  • Are you maintaining them? Or have you dropped some of them over the summer?
  • What are the habits you want to build for the months ahead?
  • Just focus on the Top 1 or 2

2. Shed your ‘old skin’: 

  • What parts of yourself can you shed in the spirit of growing into a better version of yourself? (Old limitations, beliefs, opinions)
  • What circumstances do you want to change or leave?
  • What people do you want to engage with more or drop?

Children have changed ‘forced’ upon them with the change in the school year. As adults we can often shy away from that kind of change. But it’s always worthwhile.

This time of the year is a re-start for many – even if they don’t have school kids.

But how many will use it actively?



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