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Be Careful With The Ideas You Hold On To

“Sometimes ideas hold us down;

they become heavy anchors that hold the bark of identity fixated in shallow dead water. ”

― John O’Donohue

I remember there being a time in my life where I would dread Monday mornings – luckily for me, that is no longer the case.

The morning I’m writing and sending out this email/post is Monday 17th January 2022 – the third Monday of the new year.

Already I’ve heard one radio station proclaim that ‘Blue Monday’ has arrived – the worst day of the year, apparently. Except there’s nothing to back that up. It was an idea originally made up by a travel company as a way to encourage holiday sales.

And the phrase stuck, and spread.

I don’t know what it’s like where you are when you’re reading this, but right now I am looking out at blue skies on the east coast of Ireland with a vibrant sun rising before me.

It occurred to me that ‘Blue-Sky Monday’ might be a more appropriate phrase. But I’d already decided to re-name today as ‘Win Bigger Day’ just in case the sun didn’t appear… 🙂

Instead of it being ‘another Monday’, why not use this day as an opportunity to intentionally think better for your life and that of the people around you?

Maybe today can be a day where you deliberately take some time out to do just 1 thing…

Lift your spirits.

That could be through a walk, some exercise, relaxation of some kind, reading something inspirational or doing something creative just for you.

There are a lot of ideas we inherit from the world at large. Some are useful, some not so much.

But we have to remember that we are the ones who decide what ideas we want to focus on and grow.

Which ones will you pick today and this week?

Happy Win Bigger Day. 🙂


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Link below.

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