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Feeling Flat Vs. Feeling Charged

“See every problem as an opportunity to exercise creative energy.”

Stephen Covery

“I’m flat.”

I’ve heard this phrase many many times from clients. But I’ve also heard it from myself.

Most of the people I work directly with are entrepreneurs or people with entrepreneurial minds. Feeling flat happens to the best of them and it’s important that they learn how to recharge themselves in a healthy way, because it’s their creative spirit that really drives everything.

If you get flat everything suffers. Your communication, your thinking and ideas, your results.

I firmly believe that everyone has access to this creative, entrepreneurial energy but I know not everyone agrees with that.

One way to build your creative energy levels is to make sure you do at least one very interesting creative thing just for you every month. What that thing is will vary hugely from person to person. Here are some examples:

  • A hike in nature
  • Visiting art galleries
  • Watching an art-house movie
  • Taking a cookery class
  • Reading a meaningful book with no interruptions
  • A cycle with friends
  • Doing a silent retreat
  • Picking up and playing that guitar
  • Taking a writing or painting class

The only requirement is that whatever it is, it works for YOU.

Our creative energy is the fuel for a successful life journey and if we’re not careful it can get used up in the same way a car battery can. Indeed most of the way the working world is currently set up seems to be designed to stifle the creative spirit with over 60% of people reporting that they are on the edge of burnout. If that’s true it means organisations are losing out and so is society.

This week, perhaps consider the level of your creative spirit, your energy. Where is it at? What can you do to raise it? Will you prioritise it?

Feeling flat is all too common but it isn’t something that has to be permanent.

Feeling charged is always within your reach.

What works for you?


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