Focus On What To Stop Doing

Starts are important but Stops are often an easy way to make dramatic improvements.


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Reporter: What’s the central part of your training? Is it running? Is it sparring?

Muhammad Ali: It’s none of those, it’s dodging the nightclubs and the parties and being in bed before 9pm.

The great boxer gave an unusual insight into one aspect of success in any field when he gave this answer. What we don’t do is just as important as what we do do.

In a similar way, getting the best from yourself is more about what you need to STOP doing – than what you need to start.

Starts are important but Stops are often an easy way to make dramatic improvements.

Here are 10 possible STOPs to consider:


  1. Putting off what matters most to you
  2. Making where you are wrong
  3. Listening to your inner voice
  4. Ignoring the health and condition of your body
  5. Using your phone so much (Calls, Apps, Messages, Emails)
  6. Going into your email so much
  7. Being in your thinking so much i.e. Over-thinking
  8. Going to bed late and getting up late
  9. Starting your day without identifying your top 3 priorities and the no.1 priority
  10. Being so attached to your opinions and beliefs

I’ve no doubt you can list a few vital Stops with a little reflection.

Here’s a challenge for you this week:

  • Identify the top 5 Stops for you.
  • Then pick the top 1 and do it over for the rest of the month.

For an extra bonus, if you are in a team of some form, do the same exercise. It will be VERY revealing.

Then see what happens.



P.S. – Thanks to Joe O’Sullivan, expert advanced personal trainer, who inspired this post from his health & fitness blog at The Sapien Method.

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