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Re-charging Your Battery

“Can’t talk. I am recharging

– Anonymous Introvert

One morning last week I was taking a walk by the sea and when I returned to my car and was about to move away, there was a knock on my window.

A guy in a beanie hat was staring me straight in the face and when I opened the door, he asked politely if I had jump cables because his car wasn’t starting.

So I moved my car and we tried to inject new life into his engine, but it didn’t work. He thought the starter was the problem, so he had to go to plan C and call his family for help.

Electricity or charge always amazes me. Indeed it still mystifies some of the smartest minds on the planet.

Here are some things that struck me:

  • You can charge yourself up quickly by being around someone with high charge but only if you’re capable of taking that charge on…
  • If you let your charge run too low, you can end up with serious problems. (Breakdown etc.)
  • The quality of your thinking is HUGELY affected by your charge.

As you receive this I am in the middle of hosting my annual leadership retreat for business owners and senior executives – the Thrive Experience. (link at bottom of this mail if you’re interested)

I know that some will have arrived into this event exhausted and perhaps like my friend by the sea, with a flat battery. Others will have arrived in with good levels of charge looking to bring it higher.

We started the retreat yesterday with a hike around the beautiful surrounds of Carlingford in Co. Louth. Nature is perhaps one of the easiest ways to recharge your personal battery levels because of it’s energy, vibration and innate ability to resonate with the human spirit.

I know personally what it’s like to have a ‘dead battery’. Indeed it’s one of the reasons I do the work I do. As you go into another week, and the first of the final quarter of 2021, consider your levels of charge…

  • How charged are you, really?
  • What works for you when it comes to recharging your batteries?
  • What would help your charge this week?

And also consider who around you would be worth hanging out with to help your energy levels…



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