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The Toughest (But Most Rewarding) Work

“Nothing really works unless you do”

– Maya Angelou

I remember working with someone who had achieved some incredible things in one industry but had jumped into another one and was struggling to make their new enterprise work.

When we met I advised that the best use of his time was to reflect on his leadership approach and where it was coming from. Indeed to reflect on how his inner world reflected into his outer one.

It seemed to me that the way he was was the way the business was – and just like him, there were things that worked and things that didn’t. But he wasn’t connecting the dots i.e. that everything tracked back to him and how he was.

I discovered that in his previous business he had a partner who was the ying to his yang, and particularly good with people, whereas he wasn’t.

I also discovered that he came from extreme poverty and carried an obsession with money into every day of his life – even when he had more money than he could ever spend. He also had to win everything – I mean everything! So this was interesting for anyone trying to have a meeting or discussion with him. For him, it wasn’t about ‘having’ a conversation, it was about who would win it!

But it’s the same with you and me.

How your life is, is ultimately coming from how you are. If you are scattered inside, your life is too. If you are calm inside, your life is too. As within, so without…

It’s hard to see the reality of this when the outside world is so compelling.

To me, it’s a bit like coloured dye. Drop just a little bit in water and it will colour the entire liquid. In the same way, just a little bit of ‘you’ affects your entire life and work.

But if you don’t know dye exists, you might just believe the water was always coloured…

Food for thought. Have a great week.



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