Tom Brady’s Mr. Miyagi

“I was never the best player on any team. That taught me how to work harder.


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“I was never the best player on any team. 
That taught me how to work harder. I learned all about mental toughness on the practice
field. If things weren’t working out for me in high school, in college, early in my pro career,
my solution was always to work harder and internalize. 

That way, whenever I got an opportunity, I was always prepared. 
See, there are a lot of guys who are all talk. They say they want to work harder and be the
best, but they never pay the price.

I love paying the price.” 
– Tom Brady 

This day last week, Tom Brady was hot sporting news. 

He is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots and last Sunday, they
manufactured the greatest come-back in American Football history to win the Super-Bowl. 

The little bit I did see prompted me to dig a little deeper about Brady and I found myself
scouring articles and interviews about him and his body coach and business partner, Alex
Guerrero – he is Brady’s Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid…) 

What I read and heard inspired me. 

He is the only quarterback to have won five Super Bowls (and for one team) Because of his
accomplishments and accolades, many consider Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all
time. But he wasn’t identified as someone with that potential – being selected by the Patriots
only in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He has had to work hard to create his success. 

The above quote gives you an insight into why Tom Brady excels – he puts in the work and
does the things others only talk about. 

But what impressed me the most was his focus on continuously getting better as a human

To do this he focuses on the 4 key areas of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. 

Emotional and Spiritual?

For a sports person? 

Here’s what his coach says: 
“Our method relates to being physically fit, emotionally stable and spiritually nourished.
Emotional Stability allows you to have spiritual awareness.” 

-Alex Guerrero 

American Football is perhaps as macho a sport as you can get. 

And here is their greatest ever player talking about being emotionally stable and spiritually

My view is that same. If you want to be at your best in business, life and sport, you need to
focus on those four areas. 

And the Emotional and Spiritual zones is where the edge of high performance really lives. 

Ask Tom Brady… 

What can you do this week to enhance your scores in those areas? 

Are you willing to pay the price? 


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