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“Each of us gets the same amount of attention to spend each day. It’s a competitive advantage to figure out how to focus it to get something done.”

– Seth Godin

I did an audit of myself recently, in terms of use of technology, and was surprised to notice how much it had crept in over recent months, in terms of ‘vying for my attention’ and being a source of distraction.

Top marketers, advertisers, and tech companies understand the value of your attention as the most precious commodity in the world.

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re bombarded with countless distractions vying for our focus, from notifications on our smartphones to the constant stream of content on social media. But amidst this sea of distractions, it’s crucial to recognise the importance of controlling and directing our attention intentionally.

When we allow ourselves to be pulled in multiple directions, we dilute our attention, leaving us feeling busy but unproductive, and ultimately hindering our ability to make meaningful progress.

So, I challenge you to consider: What would it take this week to direct your attention 20% more meaningfully to your most important areas?

Perhaps it’s setting aside dedicated blocks of time for focused work, minimising distractions during key tasks, or implementing strategies to increase your presence in the present moment.

Be aware of the temptation to give your attention away to various sources that may not align with your priorities. Whether it’s mindlessly scrolling through some app on your phone, binge-watching streaming services, or allowing interruptions from others, remember that your attention is a valuable resource that should be invested wisely.

By reclaiming control over your attention and channeling it towards what truly matters, you can unlock greater productivity, creativity, and fulfilment in both your personal and professional life.

If you want to improve your results in any area, look to how you’re using your attention in that area – or not. Like me, you’ll probably be surprised.

Here’s to a week of meaningful progress.



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