Focusing on ‘X’ when ‘Y’ is the game changer

Without realising it we can let ourselves become victims to what we think is reality.


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“By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world.

Indeed, the real fundamental changes in societies have come about not from dictates of governments and the results of battles, but through vast numbers of people changing their minds.”

Willis Harman, Futurist

It seems to be part of the human condition to point outwards and say “ ‘X’ needs to change”.

X could be your circumstances, another person, the government, your market, your health – basically whatever you don’t like. Without realising it we can let ourselves become victims to what we think is reality.

We don’t always turn that finger towards ‘Y’ – which is back in on ourselves and to at least question if there’s something we can change.

As the quote above highlights, the bullseye for significant change is if large numbers people change their minds. But that all starts with the individual – are we willing to at least consider and then change our minds? i.e. our thinking.

Becoming a victim of circumstance is something no-one wants and most would disagree that they are one. In my experience, most people become victims of their thinking without realising it. Our thinking is subtle and usually we give it too much respect.

Change your mind, you can change your world. This much is true.

But to get there, we need to first be open to challenging our thinking.

Food for thought at the start of the week that most people give up on the changes they’d like to see in the year ahead.



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