The Power Of A Change of Scenery


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“Create time to simply ‘be’ and clarity will emerge for you to ‘see’.”

As you read this, I’m in the midst of my annual retreat for leaders, known as The Thrive Experience. It’s a three-day event held at a lovely hotel surrounded by a picturesque lake and breathtaking natural beauty. Each day, we’re treated to awe-inspiring scenery that not only nourishes the mind but also warms the heart and soul

– all in service of enhancing clarity.

Currently, I’m writing this in a cozy local café, which happens to be one of my favourite spots for creating. I’ve discovered that a change in environment can work wonders for my creativity. Despite the livelier atmosphere compared to my quiet office, it provides a pleasant backdrop to sip a warm beverage and let the ideas flow. Fun fact: I wrote a significant portion of my new book right here.

There’s tremendous value in stepping outside of your typical surroundings. It has the power to disrupt the habitual inner blinders that can develop over time.

So, I encourage you to consider this as an experiment for the week ahead. Think of something important in your life you want to work on, and seek out a new location to be in when working on it. You might be surprised at the fresh perspectives and creativity that emerge when you change your environment.

Wishing you a week filled with inspiration and new discoveries.



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