Navigating Our Inner Wars in a Turbulent World


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In recent weeks, I’ve had conversations with several people who made a bold decision – they decided to stop watching and listening to the news altogether. Why? Because they found that the constant stream of negative information was significantly impacting their mindset and mood. The barrage of headlines about wars, inflation, possible recession, volatility, and pervasive uncertainty had taken a toll on one of their most valuable assets – their state of mind.

I can empathise with their choice. But there’s a war that concerns me even more than the global conflicts and economic turbulence we hear about. It’s the war within, the battle that transpires inside our own minds.

We all experience it. The inner voice that can bring you down, paint a negative picture of your situation, or even turn on you as a relentless critic. Sometimes, this inner struggle can feel more daunting than the external challenges we face.

However, there’s an essential truth to remember – it’s not the event or the information itself that determines our state of mind; it’s our response to them. How we react to these events, both those we can control and those we can’t, is what truly matters. That comes down to how much we listen to that inner voice and how we use our thinking.

The key to better life navigation lies in realising that we don’t have to listen to our inner voice and by becoming more conscious of the gap between us, the real us, and that voice. It’s about recognising the stories we tell ourselves, the narratives that shape our perceptions, and the judgments we pass on ourselves. When we become aware of this internal dialogue, we gain the power to influence it positively.

The most important journey to take is the one within and to figure out what works for you when it comes to reducing inner friction. I’m convinced there would be less wars on our planet if there was less inner conflict inside people.

This week here’s your challenge:

Take a few moments to identify a recurring negative thought or inner conflict you face. It could be self-doubt, fear, or criticism. Then, consciously choose to detach from it’s hold (which can be challenging initially) OR replace it with a positive affirmation or thought. Whenever that negative thought arises, replace it with the positive one. Observe how this simple shift impacts your mood and your interactions with the world around you.

It’s very possible to create more peace within, and that’s a powerful step toward a more harmonious world. Perhaps the most important one.

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