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Formula 1 At Home With An Unexpected Audience

“Your big opportunity could be right where you are now.

Napoleon Hill

“When does the race start?”

These are words that I never could have imagined my wife, TLJ* saying. But that’s the world we live in. Anything really is possible… 🙂

She was referring to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi yesterday, which ended in one of the most dramatic finishes ever in the sports history.

My son Sam (12), my daughter Jane (14) and TLJ (29….) were all plonked on the couch watching.

Rewind to before the pandemic and this would never have happened because none of them had any interest in the sport. To be fair, my interest then was only a passing one.

The reason for the change?

A streaming service that starts with N and ends in an x…

Their docu-series ‘Formula 1: Drive To Survive’ has been a big hit in our home and a smash hit globally. As a result it has brought in a massive new circle of fans to the F1 world.

Back to the race and as you probably know, Dutch driver Max Verstappen and Englishman Lewis Hamilton were tied exactly on points coming into the final race of the season – with a winner takes all scenario on the cards.

Incredibly, Max Verstappen over-took Lewis Hamilton on the last lap to clinch the championship title. But not without huge controversy – which I won’t even attempt to get into. 🙂

Towards the end of the race when it seemed like Lewis Hamilton was uncatchable, Team Principal for Red Bull Chritsian Horner said to the race commentators that it would need a ‘miracle from the racing Gods’ to catch Hamilton in his Mercedes car.

But that is what they got.

For me the key point is that they were ready for it. They hadn’t given up. They kept persisting, changing tyres when it seemed hopeless. But they were hoping for something to happen.

Their approach and attitude reminded me of that saying:

“Good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity”

Red Bull’s readiness met their miracle. It may never have come, but it did. And they grabbed the opportunity, allowing Max Verstappen to win his first ever World Championship in sensational fashion.

In the spirit of this weekly post:

  • Reflect on where can you up the readiness instead of giving up?
  • Where can you behave like a miracle might happen?
  • Where can you up your preparedness so that you’re ready for the moment an opportunity emerges?

If not you, maybe someone around you needs to hear this challenge. It just might allow something special to happen.



PS – Thank you for the kind messages last week on my friend Derek’s passing. It is very much appreciated.

*TLJ = The Lovely Judy

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