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How To Find Your Real Passion

“Forget about finding your passion.

Focus on bringing more passion to everything you do.

Then your passion finds you.”

Last week one of the questions I was asked during my AMA webinar was ‘How do I find my passion?’

There are several layers to this from my perspective but I think it’s one of the red herrings embedded into the psyche of Western culture i.e. that I have to find my passion or purpose.

That is not my experience.

Passion is a state of being, it’s where you are giving your attention 100% to something. The truth is you can bring passion to anything, now.

Yes, even your work if you ‘hate’ it…

Yes, even your relationships…

Yes, even the business or team that is doing your head in…

Most people are so focused on the lack of passion or purpose in their lives that they are actually blocking something that is innate.

From my own experience this is what I’ve seen:

  1. You can access more passion today, by being focused on bringing more passion to where you are now. Pure focus IS passion.
  2. Experiment more.

On the second point, 3M pioneered something called 15% time where employees were encouraged to use 15% of their time for creative exploration. The post-it is one of the famous results from this approach.

You can also bring this approach to your life – personal and professional.

Most people like this concept but will say they just don’t have time for it. And that’s the point. We have to ruthlessly make time for it.

If you run your own business it’s hugely valuable. If you work in a business, it might be a little trickier but not impossible. And certainly you can experiment more in your personal life.

  • Where can you be more curious this week?
  • What can you try that’s new?
  • Where can you experiment?

The answers, if acted on, all help passion.



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