Moving Up The Mountain

“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life.” - Oprah Winfrey


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“The smallest change in perspective

can transform a life.”

Oprah Winfrey

I spent most of last week immersed in my annual event, The Thrive Experience, a retreat of sorts that blends workshop based learning with outdoor activities and plenty of conversation and fun.

This year myself and a group of experienced business leaders were based in the beautiful town of Westport on the western coast of Ireland. If you know Westport, you know that overlooking the town a few miles out, is the magnificent Croagh Patrick (CP), one of the highest mountains in Ireland.

I’ve attached a picture of CP here with an over-lay of elevation to share with you one of the points we discussed last week – the elevation of your perspective.

All of the leaders at Thrive went through a process that’s designed to help everyone step out of the noise of business and life and do something that unfortunately is rare: Take structured time out to review your life journey, in the company of like-minded leaders.

One of the things that became very apparent as we went through the process was the change in perspective, the change in field of vision for everyone there.

The image here illustrates the point nicely I think. When you’re on the ground, you have a certain type of vision. One that is very limited. You’re in the trenches getting things done. The problem is, if you spend all your time at that level you can’t think strategically or you’ll miss opportunities and not be at your best because it’s incredibly wearing.

As you raise and elevate your perspective, your field of vision changes. Rarely do we ever take time to go right up to the top – to look at your life, look at where you’re at on your journey. More clarity at that level ripples all the way down the levels automatically.

To create a life that you could categorise as thriving, it’s an important to build in time for reflection like this – to elevate your field of vision.

You obviously don’t need to come on this event to change your perspective. We can all do it at different times in different ways. But perhaps you might consider taking some ‘Croagh Patrick Time’ (CPT) for yourself – maybe this week – to deliberately change your field of vision, to elevate your perspective and to give yourself the gift of stepping out of the noise of day to day business and what seems like the grind of living.

The time is never right for something like this but the precious insights that come from it are often priceless.

Maybe this week you can make some time for CPT, even if you’re not in Westport? 🙂


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