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Some Listening That Makes A Difference

“It takes a great person to be a good listener.”

Calvin Coolidge

To change it up a little, and also because I am currently on holidays…:), I thought I’d share some podcast episodes that I think you’ll enjoy if you like what’s on my weekly emails.

First up is an interview I did a few weeks ago with Tamara Howard. Tamara runs a successful strategic marketing and communications company and over the course of an hour she had some interesting very questions that provoked some useful answers that I believe you’ll get value from.

We covered things like:

  • Key insights into why your understanding how to lead your inner world is more important than ever
  • Simple ways to make immediate improvements to your level of clarity and mood
  • Mind-melting questions for you to ponder on

The podcast is The Better Way with Tamara Howard and the Spotify link is here.

Secondly, today marks the release of the 85th episode of my own podcast The Inner Edge. I really enjoy this medium and from my perspective share a lot of value every week for free.

I thought I’d flag 3 episodes for your attention:

1. Most Listened To:

Ep 74: Transforming Lives Through The Science Of Colour – An Interview With Helen Irlen

In this special edition of The Inner Edge, I interview a remarkable woman who made an incredible discovery over 40 years ago. This discovery has the power to radically improve the lives of about 25% of the population. That means it could be you, or someone close to you. What she discovered is now called Irlen Syndrome. My daughter Jane was diagnosed with Irlen when she was 12 and it has transformed her life in many ways.

The purpose of this interview is to help increase the awareness of Irlen Syndrome everywhere because there are children and adults in your life who need to become aware of this. It is the dyslexia of our time, it’s real and there is a proven way of helping people.

Listen on any major podcasting platform or my website here.

2. Most Shared:

E35: Cracking Impostor Syndrome

A surprising amount of people suffer from Impostor Syndrome. In this episode I explore it by sharing some stories and asking some questions.

Listen on any major podcasting platform or my website here.

3. A Personal Favourite:

59: Force Vs. Flow

In a slightly longer episode than usual I explore the continuum of effort – which has Force at one end and Flow at another. Being more in flow regardless of circumstances is more possible than most realise.

Listen on any major podcasting platform or my website here.

Have a great week!



PS – Please be aware that my MindShift 8 week virtual program is running again from the first week of October. There is a special offer available if you register before the 1st August. Details and registration here.

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