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The Best Way To Start Your Day

“Write it on your heart that

every day is the best day in the year.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What’s the best way to start your day?”

I’ve been asked this question many times and my honest answer is:

“Whatever gives YOU the best start to your day”

This is because we’re all different and it’s up to you to figure out what really works for you. But I do know that what won’t give you the best start to your day includes:

  • Not having a good night’s sleep
  • Having had alcohol the night before
  • Looking at email, messaging or social media first thing
  • Getting up late
  • Absorbing yourself in the news headlines

For me, what does work is first of all prioritising the first part of my today (i.e. before work starts) towards helping me be at my best. Part of that includes some mental relaxation, reading something that inspires me, writing out my priorities and often contemplating an important question around a key challenge or goal.

What I’ve seen have a universally positive impact for anyone who chooses to use it is what I call Mind Priming. It’s based around the principle that your mind works like a missile i.e. you move towards what you’re focused on.

Most people, without realising it, are focused more on problems & challenges than they are outcomes and solutions. This has a HUGE impact on your energy, mood and ultimately results.

One way to harness your inner missile is to program it for the day ahead – to prime your mind for what matters most.

The core approach is simple enough:

  1. Write out your top 3 outcomes for the day
  2. Spend a few minutes imagining these outcomes as being done
  3. Also imagine yourself going through your day in the best state possible, handling people and challenges well, being mentally composed etc.
  4. Block time in your day to work towards these outcomes

This approach doesn’t guarantee anything obviously but it does increase the probability of your success in the day. It also seems to have a significantly positive affect on the people who use it.

For my private clients, I give them an audio to help them go even deeper into imagining the outcomes, and in some cases using positive memories to enhance their state of mind. This an approach that is also used with elite performers in some sports. (It should be in all)

With today’s technology, anyone can create their own audio quite quickly.

What’s your approach to starting your day?

What one thing can you change or experiment with this week to be more at your best daily?



P.S. – Anyone who does my MindShift program gets a series of Mental Audios including the Morning Prime mentioned above. These audios alone are worth doing the program for because they are priceless IF used consistently. The next program is open for registration now with limited numbers participating. All details here.

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