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Creating Your Impossible

“Nothing is impossible.

The word itself says I’m possible!”

– Audrey Hepburn

What do you do when you feel stuck?

What do you do when you lose sight of the mountain you’ve been climbing?

One thing you can do is to make space to dig into interesting questions with an open mind:

Here’s one:

“What now is impossible, but if it could happen, it would change everything?”

I got this email from someone over the summer that I hadn’t seen in a while:

Today, I came back from a two-week break in xxxxxx and, as I was on the beach with my wife and kids, you popped into my mind as I realised it was the moment of success you asked me to visualise when we worked together.

It was quite a profound moment really and I wanted to say thank you again for our conversations and the work you did with me. It’s had an incredible impact for me and others both professionally and personally.

This leader took the time to dig into their ‘impossible’ and now they are living it

I remember when they told me their answer to the Impossible Question – it was full of doubt and insecurity. But they brought it out into the light and allowed it to grow as a possibility within them.

That’s how resilient, creative people live their days: They seek to answer hard questions and then act on the answers, planting seeds of the impossible in the soil of their imagination.

What is your answer to the above question?

What 1 thing can you do this week to start moving towards it?



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