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Will You Take The Clarity Experiment?

“I’m not addicted to reading.

I can stop as soon as I finish the next chapter.”

I love learning – particularly new and interesting information that expands my horizons.

But for a long time it was in an unhealthy way.

The truth is that for many years I was an information junkie. In a way, it was to be expected because that is the model of the current educational system in the Western World – learning is consuming and retaining information.

And while I made very positive improvements to my life because of new learnings, I knew I wasn’t applying everything I knew – but I didn’t know why.

So about 10 years ago, I tried an experiment. I decided to go cold-turkey on reading books and emails I was subscribed to.

I’d planned on doing it for 1 month but it went so well I ended up staying with the approach for 2 years! I ended up calling it my Clarity Experiment.

In the process of doing it I reset my Learning/Doing ratio and along the way discovered many valuable insights.

One of them was this:

  • The less information I have in my mind, the easier it is to clear my mind. And that clear mind gives me incredible value – in business and in life.

More clarity gives more ideas, more solutions, more energy, better sleep and bizarrely more happiness and more productivity.

The ratio I’m more interested in now is what I call the C:T ratio.


As a result, one of the most important things I do is to pro-actively calm and clear my mind many times during the day. You could say it’s a version of a mental pit-stop.

I’m back reading books but I’ve evolved my approach to them and I’m no longer an information junkie chasing the ‘new thing’.

Filling our minds with information is not yielding the results that we have expected it to. Be that information be from books, seminars, podcasts or emails like this one. 🙂

We need to review our personal models for how we consume information and ask “Is it working?” Have you considered your ratio of clearing your mind to filling it with information?

Maybe this week you could take The Clarity Experiment?

  • When you feel the urge to read or listen to something, instead pause and take some time to empty your mind.

Over-time, the payoff is massive.

In every aspect of your life.


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