Over-Thinking And Supermodels


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“If over-thinking burned calories,

I’d be a supermodel.”

– Anonymous

Anonymous sure does come out with some clever zingers… 🙂

Thinking is one of the great gifts we have as human beings.

We can create amazing things because of it. Works of art, thriving organisations, products to enhance the world, inspiring speeches and meaningful lives.

But like everything useful, it can be over-used.

And in today’s busy 24/7, always on, always connected worldm over-thinking is definitely a growing trend and a big problem. The engine of people’s minds is revving too fast for too long – and is burning out.

This impacts your sleep, your energy, your creativity, your productivity, your sense of aliveness and ironically your quality of thinking.

Here’s a challenge for this week:

When you catch yourself over-thinking, direct your attention into the moment you’re in fully. Don’t think about it, just ‘be’ there. If you’re not used to it, this won’t be easy.

But it gets easier with practice.

The benefits?

More clarity. More calm. Higher quality thinking. This means better results.

But it also means you’re more ‘present’ – which has an incredible impact on your sense of enjoyment, regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re with.

Try it out. See what you discover.



PS – DISCLAIMER: It doesn’t mean you’ll turn into a supermodel unless you were one already…