Stuck Vs. Getting Stuck In

“I hate my job and I’m thinking of leaving.” These words were spoken to me by one of the owners of a business!


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“Don’t just give the minimum required to get it done.

Give it your best.”

“I hate my job and I’m thinking of leaving.”

The interesting thing about these words is that they were spoken to me by one of the owners of a business! (There were three directors working together)

They wanted to discuss whether their job and indeed career in an industry was the right thing for them but my advice was not to get into discussing that yet but instead to ‘get stuck into their job’.

“Shane, You weren’t listening to me. I hate my job.”

“What that’s got to do with doing it properly?”, I countered.

This resulted in confusion but eventually after some discussion they agreed to take up the GSI challenge (Get Stuck In) for a week i.e. do their job 100%, all in.

The dictionary definition of to ’get stuck in’ is “to start doing something enthusiastically”

When someone doesn’t like or hates their job, it means that they’re distracted between thinking about their job and doing their job. This usually makes the job worse, no matter what level you are. When your job gets worse, usually your thinking also gets worse. Which leads people to getting stuck. It’s a vicious cycle.

Weirdly, if you 100% do your job and don’t think about what you’re doing, you start to enjoy it.

It doesn’t mean you have to stay doing that job for life. But it does mean you’ll do what you’re supposed to do better.

We all have parts of our work and lives that we don’t like.

But if they’re on our plate, if they’re our responsibility, then the best thing we can do is stop thinking about it and just GSI.

What I like about GSI is that it can be applied to every area of our lives.

  • Our health
  • Our relationships
  • Our hobbies
  • Doing the shopping
  • Taking the rubbish out
  • Anything we don’t ‘like’

The best people I’ve ever worked with all had this incredible ability to bring an attitude of GSI into everything they did. And it was contagiously energising on the people around them.

A couple of days into the experiment, my client sent me a text message:

“This is weird. I’m enjoying my job again!”

About 2 years later they left that job and business, but for the right reasons and not because they hated their job.

Where can you Get Stuck In this week?

See what you discover.



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