Following Through On What Matters


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“You are what you do.

Not what you’ll say you do.”

Carl Jung

I recently had an amusing experience at a restaurant where the waiter enthusiastically assured me they would take care of a request, only to completely forget about it. I ended up asking another waiter who followed through.

Later on, I requested something else from the original waiter and they did the exact same thing i.e. nothing!

Now, it’s not the first time I’ve encountered such lapses in attention to detail, as I’ve noticed a growing trend in recent years, particularly in the service industry, where many seem to have a challenge with maintaining focus. (I’m suspecting phone addiction as a possible cause…)

This got me thinking about Carl Jung’s insightful words above.

We often speak with great intention, make promises, and outline our plans. But what truly defines us is not our words or the elegance of our plans; but the actions we take.

Do we follow through? Not just for others, but for ourselves.

I’m not immune to this. There are times when I falter, when I fall short of translating my words into deeds. And there are other times when I follow through with unwavering commitment.

The space between our intentions and our actions can sometimes be vast. It’s where we encounter the temptation to take the easier path, the path of procrastination or the path of busy distraction.

But it’s in these moments that we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. To bridge that gap between what we say we’ll do and what we actually do. To align our actions with our aspirations.

We are shaped by our actions daily, by the things we consistently do.

Here’s the challenge I’d like to leave you with this week:

Think of an area you’d like to make progress on. Something personal and important. Now, think of one action, one step you can take to bridge the gap between your intentions and your actions. Maybe it’s a small daily habit or a significant project you’ve been putting off. Perhaps it’s stepping up and taking a risk in an area of your work or life.

Commit to taking that step this week and experience the empowerment that comes with turning intentions into reality.

It’s not in the words we speak but the actions we take that define us.

Be your own ‘top-notch waiter’ who serves excellence in all you do! 🙂



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