Embrace Your Inner Arnold: Conquering Emotions and Pursuing Goals

Think you're immune to falling into the trap of a 'pity party'? Well, think again.


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“When you are a person that has always a goal…the less time you have to think about,

“How do I feel today? Am I depressed today? Do I feel sorry for myself? Have I become a victim?

Oh my God, I feel so bad about myself.”

I don’t have time for this crap.’”

– Arnold Schwarzennegger

I recently watched the captivating documentary series ‘Arnold’ on a streaming service beginning with N and it got me thinking about the mindset of high achievers like Mr. Schwarzenegger.

I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but to me there’s something admirable about his ability to stay focused and not let his emotions dictate his life, especially in a world that often encourages emotional responses.

Arnold’s journey of excelling in three different fields, from bodybuilding to acting and then politics, is nothing short of incredible. While his approach may be extreme, there’s a valuable lesson to learn from his philosophy: don’t allow your emotions to sabotage your progress.

A focused mind, driven by a clear and meaningful goal, holds immense power in combating prolonged feelings of depression and sadness. It’s about not letting the ups and downs of your emotions dictate your actions.

Think you’re immune to falling into the trap of a ‘pity party’? Well, think again.

Regardless of your level of success, age, or self-perception, everyone can find themselves caught up in those moments – Usually triggered when life isn’t going the way we’d like.

The key is to acknowledge the emotions but to not let them hinder your forward momentum.

For me, true success is like a coin with two sides: achievement and aliveness. Arnold is a walking masterclass in achievement, showcasing what can be accomplished with unwavering focus. However, it’s essential to remember that being connected to our feelings is part of being human, but allowing them to halt our progress is optional.

Of course, like any human being, Arnold has his flaws and has made significant mistakes (which he openly addresses). Nonetheless, the quote from him resonates deeply with me, reminding us of the importance of a goal-oriented mindset, and not getting distracted by our pity party thinking.

Keep pushing forward and embracing your own path to success, regardless of the emotional hurdles that may come your way.

Joining the ‘pity party club’ may be tempting, but the hangover of regret and lost opportunity just isn’t worth it.


PS – The Arnold documentary series is well worth encouraging any young men in your life to watch. As it very clearly illustrates the temptations and dangers of ‘success’.

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