The Life That Is Waiting For You Vs. The One You Planned


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We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

When I first came across these words, I nodded in agreement, recognising their wisdom. But if you’d observed me in action, it would have been clear that this wasn’t the way I lived.

In the past, I was someone who spent a lot of time planning most of my life.

I approached my goals with unwavering determination, almost like a tank charging forward. Failure was simply not an option.

Yes, that approach yielded results, but it also left me exhausted and caused unintended consequences that didn’t serve the quality of my life. I often observe a similar approach in my clients when we begin working together.

But over the years, I’ve undergone a profound shift in perspective.

I now find that a more fitting metaphor for my journey is that of a yacht. I still set my direction and pursue my aspirations, but I’ve learned to adapt and flow with the changing tides of life. Most importantly, I’ve discovered the joy of embracing the journey itself even if the weather becomes tricky.

This shift has been transformative for me. I’ve come to realise that life is not a rigid script that we must follow relentlessly. Rather, it’s an intricate dance between us and the ever-unfolding circumstances.

The Yacht approach requires a willingness to let go of our preconceived notions, our attachments and to embrace the surprises and possibilities that await us. In doing so, we create space for the unexpected blessings and opportunities that are waiting to enrich our journey.

As we move into the season of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it might be worth considering taking ‘the yacht’ out for a sail…



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