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“Manage your energy, not your time.”

“You know what just hit me? I’m wrecked!”

Those were the words spoken by a busy leader I recently connected with. Initially, they seemed fine on the surface, with high spirits and full of energy. But as we delved into a conversation about energy and clarity, something clicked—a mindshift that revealed their true exhaustion.

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with constant demands and volatility, grit and persistence alone are no longer sufficient. Energy is the key to everything.

During our discussion, this leader shared that their average mood over the past month had been a mere 4/10. It’s no surprise that when our mood plummets, so does our ability to lead effectively. Our thinking, communication, decision-making, clarity, and confidence all suffer.

To me, that’s a “Code Red” situation—an urgent call for action. Why? Because exhaustion often leads to accidents and mistakes. This connection between being worn out and making errors applies to both personal and professional realms, yet we often fail to recognise it. We make poor choices, problems weigh us down, and our clarity diminishes.

In response, I suggested they take some time off to reset and recharge—some well-deserved holidays!

Cue resistance.

“I can’t do that now”

“I’ll do it in 6 weeks”

“Now isn’t the right time”

“There’s too much going on”

It never ceases to amaze me how a single day off can transform our energy and mindset. Yet, it also amazes me how blind we can be to our own need for rest and rejuvenation.

In Gaelic, holidays are referred to as “laethanta saoire” (pronounced LAY-HANTA SEERA), which literally translates to “free days.”

Free, just like those summers I cherished during my teenage years. Free from responsibilities, emails, problems, and hassles.


Ahhh. I can just feel my shoulders relaxing at the thought. 🙂

When we strike the right balance between free days and work days, we thrive—especially when we become more mindful of our energy.

So I encourage you to reflect on the importance of rest and recharge.

Embrace those “laethanta saoire” and experience the true power of balancing your energy.



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