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Real Results Means Saying No

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve
got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all.

Should I Bother Setting Goals In 2013?

“I need the article within the next hour”. The call was from my PR advisor Valerie.  She’d asked me to prepare an article for a paper and the goal-posts had just shifted.  They wanted it this week.  In fact today.  Now! My mind got laser focused because of the pressure and what would normally have…

Useful PR Tips For Anyone In Business

Before I was exposed to the real value of PR, I used to think of it as something ‘intangible’. What I’ve discovered is that when it’s done right, it has immense value. Yet many in business are not always clear about what to do to get the right result

If You’re Frustrated, Consider This

“I guess I can do something.”

This is a phrase I heard earlier this year from a smart business owner (and it comes up with most people at some point).

It was an answer in relation to me asking what they thought was impossible but if they could do it, it would be amazing.

As it turned out, it wasn’t impossible – because they’re particular goal has been achieved by many other people. It’s just that it was impossible to them because they couldn’t see how to do it based on their circumstances.

It’s a very subtle mindset that can creep in on the best of the best.

Interesting secret of Billion Dollar CEO

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration: “Every morning when I wake up, I check for what’s in my head.  And before I get out of bed, I make sure I drop all of my opinions, because I’ve realised they won’t get me anywhere.” – Josh Stewart, CEO of X-Jet. Last Thursday I was lucky enough…

Words From An Inspiring Business Woman

“I always trust my instinct.   Every time I don’t trust my instinct I go wrong.” – Shaa Wasmund Shaa Wasmund is a British business woman who has many strings to her bow some of which include:     •    Setting up the travel website, Deckchair, with Bob Geldof     •    Managing the PR that put…


“My new favorite word is ‘awkward.’  The reason we need to be in search of awkward is that awkward is the barrier between us and excellence, between where we are and the remarkable. If it were easy, everyone would have done it already, and it wouldn’t be worth the effort.” – Seth Godin (Author and…

Walt Disney

With the release of the new movie Snow White & The Huntsman, there are plenty of reviews going around. One of the more interesting gives some focus on the original animation movie created by Walt Disney & his team. What I never knew was how important that movie was to the creation of the Disney…

Are You Clear On Your ‘Wall Of Success?’

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall,
every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

– Stephen Covey

I remember the first time I read these words. They had a profound effect on me.

I was a busy young professional working in a multi-national
and I had just started down the road of seeking more meaning
from my career and life.

I’d never even considered that I was climbing a ladder that was
against a virtual wall.

Yet I was. The wall was what success looked like to me and the ladder
was my pathway there.

Can You Guess Who These People Were?

Hi All, And now for something slightly different than normal… Who Was?1. President of the world’s largest steel company? 2. President of the world’s largest gas company? 3. President of the New York stock Exchange? 4. The Greatest wheat speculator? 5. President of the Bank of International Settlement? 6. The Great Bear of Wall Street?These…